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Foreign popular domestic static electrostatic dust empty net acclimatized?

Read:6882017-09-21 15:06:08 

Air purifier technology is divided into two schools, one is often seen HEPA filter type, the other is electrostatic dust type. In the country, the use of HEPA filter technology products occupy almost 100% market share. In foreign countries, but not so one side, electrostatic dust collection products market share almost three percent. In fact, electrostatic dust collection products have many advantages, no supplies, low power consumption, almost mute, but it seems not favored by Chinese consumers, caught in the plight of acclimatized.

Static product advantages and more low acceptance

It is understood that electrostatic dust collection technology from the United States, mainly the use of positive and negative charge absorption principle, through the formation of a strong electric field, resulting in a large number of electrons and ions, and air particles (such as PM2.5) collision and adhesion, and then The dust collector in the purifier is adsorbed to remove particulates and purify the air. The whole process, the purifier does not require the motor, do not need the filter, the dust board only need to always wipe clean, proper maintenance, you can use for a long time.

Household electrostatic dust collection products in the design is usually clean and convenient features, without the help of professionals, a few minutes to complete a wipe clean-up process. In contrast, HEPA filter products need to regularly replace the filter, the secondary use of high cost; motor and fan, CADR value (purification efficiency) the greater the greater the noise; high power consumption.

Relative to the HEPA filter products, electrostatic dust collection products have obvious advantages in the market price is not high. A suitable for 20 to 40 square meters of electrostatic dust collection products, the price is usually between 2000 to 3,000 yuan, and the current mainstream brands of the same CADR value of the price of the product is no difference.

In foreign countries, electrostatic dust collection products are also more popular. In the Japanese market, a brand of electrostatic dust products in the past 5 years sales of more than 400 million units. In the United States, online air purifier sales ranked first is a static dust collection products. According to Air Purifier Enterprise Bayan Technology Chairman and General Manager Ran Hongyu said, electrostatic dust collector products in the US market share of 20% to 30%.

However, such a product seems to have a clear advantage of the product in China's net market share of less than 5%. "2017 first half of the home appliance network purchase market analysis report" shows that the first half of 2017, air purifier online market electrostatic dust collection products market share of only 0.1%, almost negligible.

So little market share is indeed surprising. Most Chinese consumers only know HEPA filter products, do not know the electrostatic dust collection products, and domestic production and sales of such products are few. According to Ran Hongyu said the Chinese market, such products shipped in a year only about 200,000 units.

Ozone should not be a "stumbling block"

Domestic comparison of empty net products consumers understand the electrostatic reaction of the first product is often, it will produce ozone, harmful to humans. There will be such a reaction is not without reason. Reporters learned that in the past six or seven years, the electrostatic dust collector air purifier repeatedly exposed the problem of excessive ozone, the brand has been exposed to the domestic electrostatic dust collector air purifier representative business lofty.

Because of Duo Technology Chairman Jia Chunsheng told the "China Electronics News" reporter, ozone is produced in the process of ionizing air, tracing the source is the power supply of the purifier. If the choice of excellent quality, adjustable pulse width, stable output voltage of the power supply, then the ozone generated in the international standard control range; and if you choose not adjustable pulse frequency power supply, then the output voltage is very unstable Easy to produce excessive ozone. The former cost of five or six hundred dollars, the latter cost tens of dollars. If manufacturers do not pay attention to product quality selection of low-cost power supply, it is likely to cause ozone problems.

Ran Hongyu told reporters, in accordance with international standards, ozone concentration below 50ppm in the environment, harmless to the human body. Ozone in the atmosphere is usually between 15 ~ 25ppm, the city's ozone content of 125ppm, which are within the normal range. Electrostatic dust collection products as long as the ozone release control in less than 50ppm, then the human body is harmless. According to him, now the product is basically able to do this.

Air Fort co-founder, CTO Wei Wei told reporters that electrostatic dust collector products used in the initial power plant dust, divided into high-pressure ionization and dust collection area two parts, do not need to consider the ozone and other issues. Later extended to civilian. The civilian market did not care at the outset until the United States was concerned about the ozone problem. Electrostatic dust collection products later derived a lot of technical schools, such as ion wind, ESP multi-level, ifd, etc., the main purpose is to effectively retain a single purification efficiency, while reducing the breakdown of air ionization intensity, reduce ozone production. Up to now, electrostatic dust collection products in the ozone control and purification efficiency has a better effect.

Ran Hongyu also told reporters that the ozone problem has two technical points, one is to optimize the circuit design, the ozone release volume down to trace levels, the second is to develop new catalytic materials, the ozone will be reduced to oxygen.

Purification efficiency still need to be strengthened

From the current technological progress, the market's electrostatic dust collection products can basically solve the problem of excessive ozone, in the near future, ozone should no longer hinder consumers to buy electrostatic dust collection products factors. In fact, in the professional view, the efficiency of purification is now electrostatic dust collection products need to overcome the problem.

China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute of the indoor environment analysis and testing center director Zhang Xiao told reporters that the relative HEPA filter products, electrostatic dust collection products, the effect is relatively poor. In the home field, limited by the cost of its removal of particulate matter CADR value can not be done too much, such as filter-type purifier CADR value can easily do 500 to 1000, but the static product is currently the largest home in the field only about 400 The

Wei Wei pointed out that in the actual use of the process, the static product dust removal efficiency decreased rapidly, which is determined by its structural characteristics. Because the ionization intensity did not increase, but behind the dust collection area is decreasing, with the adsorption layer is getting thicker, the efficiency is getting lower and lower, the need for timely maintenance cleaning.

Iowo China Chairman Liu Wenxiang also told reporters that some brands now in order to quickly reduce the amount of ozone released without increasing the cost of the voltage will be reduced to 5 kV. This does reduce ozone production, but it does not achieve the effect of high-voltage electric field ionization of air, making the purification of particulate matter in the air to reduce the effectiveness.

Overall, the current market, the main electrostatic dust collection technology companies are mostly small technology companies, did not succeed. In the GfK small appliance analyst Pan Jingwei view, static products still have technical threshold, and in the context of the new national standard of the air purifier, the technology is difficult to be optimistic, so manufacturers will not spend a lot of money into research and development, to make great efforts Marketing.

On the contrary, in the field of fresh air, more companies are willing to use electrostatic dust + HEPA filter way to introduce new products. Because the new wind is characterized by two-way flow, in the input air at the same time the indoor air discharge, the accumulation of ozone will soon disappear. And in heavily polluted areas, if the long time to open the new wind, will make HEPA loss is very fast. Jia Chunsheng told reporters that electrostatic dust can be achieved in the efficient purification effect, as a medium effect filter, it can play a better protective effect on the HEPA filter.