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Empty net industry heat future is the new wind or purifier?

Read:5622017-09-21 15:07:09 

With the haze haunt China's major north-south, people pay more and more attention to air pollution, air purification products have begun to gradually into the tens of thousands of households, for several years have shown explosive growth. Data show that in 2016 China's air purifier market retail sales reached 14.29 billion yuan, an increase of 17.7%, retail sales also exceeded 5.77 million units, an increase of 9.5%. At the same time, the first quarter of 2017 air purifier is a substantial rebound in retail sales rose 47.0% year on year, far more than other home appliance growth level.

In addition to our gradually familiar with the indoor air purifier products, the past two years there is a called "fresh air system" products are more and more attention, many idle net companies have begun to enter the new wind market. Statistics show that in 2016 the national fresh air industry output value reached 60 billion yuan, 2017 conservative estimate will be more than 15 billion yuan, the future of new wind products and services market size is expected to reach 100 billion yuan level, and even some people called the new wind system Air purification of the "future".

Then the fresh air is really able to replace the air purifier, as the next generation of empty net technology? Now buy purification products, is to buy air purifier or directly on the fresh air system?

In fact, both from the sales data or working principle, fresh air system and air purifier can be said to be two different styles of environmental home products. Sales, and now two products go hand in hand, the amount of double increase, popular new wind system also did not affect the air purifier sales. The working principle, the new wind system will focus on the outside of the fresh air after filtering into the room after the air purifier is the indoor air circulation filter to achieve the effect of clean air. The two perform their duties, not conflict, or even can be said to be with each other, avoid weaknesses, there is no absolute replacement. Of course, the fresh air system and air purifier also has its common characteristics, that is, can improve the indoor air environment.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the fresh air system on the purifier and the air

Fresh air system in the last two years of hot up, because of its own air improvement or there are many advantages, to some extent and make up some of the indoor air purifier shortcomings. First of all, unlike the "closed" indoor air purifier, the fresh air system can be introduced into the outdoor oxygen, the indoor turbidity of the exhaust gas replacement, which is similar to a breathing process, so that the room can keep the air for a long time smooth, To adjust the indoor temperature, eliminate the role of indoor moisture.

Of course, the fresh air system purification capacity is also limited. As the fresh air system is the focus of "replacement air", when the outside air itself is not good pollution conditions, the replacement of the air in the improvement of the effect is not as good as before. In this regard, many fresh air system enterprises will be in the duct to join the "filter" device, in order to achieve the effect of air purification, but often this filter is not precise enough, especially for the cell membrane can penetrate into the blood PM0.3 almost no Effect, the purification of particulate matter is only applicable to PM2.5 or larger particles. The reason is very simple, if you want to achieve the indoor filter effect of the filter must use a thick HEPA filter, this will lead to serious loss of fresh air system air volume, significantly lower ventilation efficiency.

In addition, in the installation and maintenance costs, fresh air system relative to the air purifier is also a major disadvantage. Especially if the real estate does not bring their own fresh air system, then install their own from the early installation of wiring, to the latter part of the system maintenance, installation and maintenance are more cumbersome, not suitable for the majority of popular families use.

The future of the net industry, or "air purifier + fresh air system"

It is because the new air system and air purifier in the improvement of indoor air environment has a lot of advantages and disadvantages of the future of the best air purification solutions or "air purifier + fresh air system."

If the air purifier and fresh air system at the same time, can make indoor air quality to achieve excellent results. First of all, the filter effect will be greatly improved, efficient professional air purifier for PM0.3 filter effect can be as high as 99% or more. Second, the better air purifier has a large air flow, can promote the fresh air system air circulation speed, speed up the purification and ventilation efficiency. Finally, for indoor formaldehyde, odor and other gaseous pollutants, air purifier can be effectively removed, direct purification filter, and a new wind system with, you can also ensure that the indoor air fresh and clean.

In this regard, the industry has said that if the air purification 1.0 era is the air purifier as the representative, then now into the "air purifier + fresh air system" 2.0 era. The future of the empty net industry, or will be fresh air and air purification coexistence, complement each other, complementary advantages.