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Artificial intelligence will gradually open the future of the road will be clean

Read:5312017-09-21 15:07:42 

The world is really more and more advanced, and artificial intelligence gradually into our lives. On July 5, Baidu AI Developer Conference, Baidu Chairman and CEO Robin Li's appearance is really ingenuity, take the unmanned car from Baidu Building to the National Convention Center. Although the country still does not allow unmanned vehicles on the road, but with the continuous improvement of technology, I believe that one day will be recognized by the public.

It is difficult to imagine that these will appear in the film screen, actually really show in our eyes. Science and technology research and development, is to make the public more comfortable to enjoy the modern life. Nothing wrong with these technologies also need to constantly improve and experiment to enter the public life. However, we are going to talk about the topic today in our lives are closely related to the air pollution situation. Most of the city in China after entering the autumn and winter fog will be around all day around us, inside the tiny particles on our breathing system is no small damage. Faced with this situation, many families have purchased the air purifier to protect the family's breathing health.

What is the evolution of the air purifier? Although it is only a few years to enter China, the market is very tight. For a new product, the whole industry is very confusing state, in the face of this huge piece of cake, many companies want to share a cup, whether it is air conditioning, or do the phone, and even do the cosmetics are added this piece of no Smoke the battlefield. Whether there is no product technology, as long as the speculation can enter the market, selling their own brand products.

Like this air purifier manufacturers so that the entire air purifier market chaos into a pot of porridge, only for their own profits do not consider the development prospects of the industry, short-sighted to describe the manufacturers point too. After the development of air purifier encounter bottlenecks, it will not continue to move it? Of course not as long as the market, the air purifier will go. 2016 new national standard release, so that the air purifier market has been baptized, some of the strength of the brand began to show their heads. In this Internet developed society, the future of the Internet and the air purifier will be what kind of intersection, we are waiting to see. In any case, air purifiers are the trend of home intelligence will evolve.