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Did not think the source of the air purifier industry chaos turned out to be it ...

Read:5682017-09-21 15:08:17 

Recently, some areas unanimously announced a number of air purifier product sampling results, the results show that the net product failure rate is still relatively high, and there are some of the big brands there are unqualified phenomenon.

Since the rapid warming of the civilian market in 2010, the development of air purifier industry can be described as rapid development. The quality of the domestic atmospheric environment is not optimistic, the quality of life under the demographic dividend escalating and other factors, making the air purifier market demand surge, causing industrial blowout.

In addition, the state vigorously support the environmental protection industry, the major home appliance giants to expand the industrial chain and actively layout of the field of air purifiers, are together to promote this emerging industry to become the next economic growth point.

Only since the outbreak of the air purifier industry, the relevant negative reports a lot.

October 2016, the State Administration of Quality Supervision issued a notice that the first time into the "national supervision and spot checks," the air purifier sampling pass rate of 75.4%. Recently, Shanghai and Shaanxi Quality and Technical Supervision were carried out special checks, respectively, found 3 batches, 5 batches of product failure.

Air purifier new national standard since March 1, 2016 formally implemented, more than a year, the effect of how?

Tianjin Environmental Protection Products Association Zhang Yuncheng has said that the current standard, many indicators are not comprehensive enough, businesses easy to beat the side of the ball misleading consumers. And even some experts believe that with the empty net market segmentation, the new national standard should be further improved.

So, the new national standard and where the problem? Alone on the new national standard itself, there is no problem. The problem lies in the new national standard can only be used as the minimum standard, that is, it is only draw a pass "red line" - red line can sell more than the red line can not sell the following. But the same is more than red line of products, which is better to identify the problem.

Based on the above analysis, the industry generally agreed that the lack of effective uniform mandatory testing standards, air purifier industry has become the root of good and bad.

China National Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute, deputy chief engineer, director of Health Appliance Analysis and Testing Center, said Lu Jianguo: "Enterprises do not attach importance to quality, most companies do not even have their own products are qualified do not know. Most companies are from other Industry to turn over, do not understand the standard, let alone develop their own products. Most of the domestic products are imitation brand name, to see what brand of products and parts, to buy these materials and parts assembly, paste their own cards Take it for sale. "

The current industry standard of the air purifier industry is not high, but also to some businesses drilling holes in the opportunity. Concentrated analysis In recent years, air purifier chaos is not difficult to find, performance indicators virtual standard, electrical safety problems is the most concentrated problem of the current point of attack.

Corporate responsibility and lack of integrity is of course a major reason, but the market regulation is weak, the third party detection of chaos and consumer knowledge of the lack of science, the same can not be ignored.

January 1, 2017, China's first air purifier China's environmental labeling standards officially launched. The standard will be able to help consumers choose the right air purifier products to address indoor environmental pollution problems and to promote and regulate the healthy development of the air purifier market. And consumers can also be labeled with the Chinese environmental label as a major basis for the purchase of purifier products to choose the right air purifier.

Environmental standards on the basis of the new national standard, is expected to air purification industry for the second "purification", but the environmental standards are not mandatory, which requires strong supervision to ensure that the legal standards of real landing.

China University of Science and Technology Management Consultants researcher Li Hu believes that from the current air purifier market legal regulation, the basic laws and regulations have been basically perfect, only to break the supervision of the implementation of the level of contradictions, is to solve the fundamental air purifier chaos The

Not long ago news that the new national standard air purifier will be further revised and upgraded. Lu Jianguo frankly, when the original standard, did not expect the air purifier industry will develop so fast.

We believe that the further revision of the new national standard will be more conducive to further purification of the industry environment, continue to reshuffle optimization and reorganization, which play a standardized market, guide consumption, improve product quality multiple roles.

"Made in China" is to "China to create", "China Zhi Zhi", "China quality" change, the air purifier industry is also the case.

As we all know, the cottage and low-quality flooding can only pull the air purifier into the abyss, only the quality, responsibility and the pursuit of both brands in order to allow air purifier on the right path to achieve better and faster development, and usher in gold period.

In addition to the improvement of national standards, market regulation, as well as enterprises more self-discipline, as the ultimate user, consumers should also enhance the awareness of the air purifier, beware of fraud. And the overall level of consumer awareness to enhance the air purifier industry is bound to play a pivotal role in the healthy operation of the industry.