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Ministry of Environmental Protection: haze cause two sessions next year will have a preliminary explanation

Read:7882017-09-21 15:09:06 

Yesterday, the Ministry of Environmental Protection held a regular press conference to introduce the "National Environmental Protection Standards" thirteen five "development plan" situation, the Secretary for Science and Technology Zou Shimin, Director of Environmental Protection Department Wu Xuefang attended and answered media concerns.

For a long time, the public on the environmental standards of the strict problem, control the number of pollutants project is very concerned about the issue. Zou Shoumin said that China's current national environmental quality standards 16, has covered the air, water, soil, sound and vibration, nuclear and radiation and other major environmental elements; the current national pollutant discharge (control) standard 163, including air pollutant emissions Standard 75 items, control items to 120; water pollutant discharge standards 64, control projects to 158. Overall, China's atmospheric and water pollutant discharge standards in the control of the number of pollutants and the degree of strict and major developed countries and regions.

In addition, China will be released before the end of 2017 agricultural land, construction land soil environmental quality standards. Zou Shimin said that the current soil environmental standards were released in 1995, due to the release of a long time, there are some problems. 3 years ago, the Ministry of Environmental Protection launched the revision of soil environmental quality standards, the main purpose is to soil pollution control, especially the remediation of soil pollution sites for classification, divided into agricultural land environmental quality standards, construction land pollution risk screening guide Two categories. Has been to the community to seek three views, the current further changes.

With the industrial and economic development, China's northern China and even the country are haunted by the haze, especially in winter. And for the cause of haze, there has been no authoritative explanation. Zou Shoumin said that the formation of heavy pollution in autumn and winter, high pollutant emissions are internal factors, the adverse conditions of weather is external, complex chemical reaction mechanism is the motivation, the above explanation has been formed in the scientific community basic consensus. But the specific cause of the haze, has not yet reached a scientific consensus.

Reporters noted that the State Council Premier Li Keqiang this year has repeatedly mentioned to focus on the cause of the formation of haze. At the State Council executive meeting held on April 26, Li Keqiang reiterated that the mechanism of the haze should be made clear, and the "focus on the cooperation of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, science and technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, universities, agriculture, industry and other departments and units Research ".

In this regard, Zou Shoumin said that the Ministry of Environmental Protection has been with the relevant departments in the implementation of the program, "is expected next year during the two sessions, there will be a preliminary explanation and argument."